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Boxing Day - What a RUSH!!

I've gotta say Boxing day turned into something I never dreamed would be possible. This has made it both a blessing and a curse... The number of orders we received dwarfed any other day we have ever had, but as a result of that, we are STILL trying to get all those orders out. This is NOT the experience I would want for our customers and I wish I could have planned better for that, but I just expected Boxing Day to be a little bigger than a really busy during Christmas. 

Unfortunately, there is only 6 of us filling the orders, and 2 of us making the earrings. I have been working from 8am - 9pm every day since Christmas and we still haven't been able to get them all done.. We are ALMOST caught up though, and once we get the last of the orders out from boxing day and the day after we will be flying through orders and should be able to ship any future orders out within a day. 

Thank you all for standing by our side and patiently waiting for your orders to arrive. This was a learning experience and just showed me how many people I will need to hire for NEXT Christmas to help support you all!

- Christi


  • I placed my first order on Boxing Day, knew with such a great sale it would take a little time. I Received my order in NL on Jan.21 and am soooo looking forward to my next order! Absolutely stunning! Worth the wait :)

  • I ordered 2 earrings & a necklace from the Boxing Day Sale. I knew that it would likely take a little longer to get my order, as it was the holidays AND a huge sale. Let me just say, this jewelry was sooooo worth the wait! I loved my items so much that I immediately booked a party.

  • I can understand you being super busy but I show that my order was shipped on the 28th of December and here it is the 9th of January and I still dont have them and they aren’t tracked on Canada post. I’m not sure why it says to click to track but it is untracked.

    Marissa Reedhead
  • This is my first time ordering from Newborn feathers, and it definitely won’t be my last. The customer service has been truly AMAZING! The "wait " for the earrings will be worth it! (honestly, there is no rush!!). Congratulations to you and your team, Christi. I am happy to support such a wonderful Canadian company!

  • The earrings are beautiful and I love that I am supporting a small Canadian business. After dealing wytge poor customer service at a couple of online shops and big box stores your update and genuine wish to provide excellent service I’d really refreshing! Congratulations on a successful Christmas season 😀.


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