The Christmas Rush

Wow.. I just can't believe how busy things have gotten in the last month. Before Nov 1st our best day was 230 orders, but normally we would get under 200. November 1st hit and it was like a switch was flicked and almost every day would be a new record, beating the previous day! I keep asking myself when did this become a real company and not just something that I did on the side??? It happened fast, but it was gradual enough that I didn't really notice until one day I looked around the room and realized I had 10 amazing ladies helping me make jewelry and ship out orders. 

For the last month, there hasn't been a day I have worked less than 12 hours, some days 14, and one day Sterling, my husband, actually slept at the office as there was just so much to do. But you know what's crazy about that? Neither of us has looked at a clock and thought about how long we have been here, don't get me wrong this is hard work, but being able to see a direct correlation between how much work you put in equals how much reward you get really makes a difference. 

We have a wedding coming up for one of our employees in March, which will take place in Mexico. So we want to make sure everyone knows their place and that we take the time to teach everyone all the things we do so that we can go away and actually have a vacation! It has been just over 2 years since we have taken a vacation and even then the last time we took one, we were both on our phones way more than we should have been... I am excited as I am really confident that these ladies will be able to step up to the challenge. I think the biggest issue will be letting ourselves let go, this business is our baby so it is tough, but this is necessary if we want to grow! 


  • What is Geode? Do you have clip ons?

    Kathleene Jara
  • I’ve been a rep for less than a week. Absolutely loving my new earrings and the rest of the jewellery! You guys are doing a fabulous job in the office. So happy to be part of a great Canadian family business.

  • I am a rep for this company and the amount of work I put into my parties I can’t imagine how Christi was doing it all ! Such a great Canadian jewelry company. Very reasonable prices and quality products which is very important. Keep up the good work at head office everyone!

    Kate D
  • I have been a rep for two weeks….but have purchased products before a couple times…..I have worked so hard but I keep thinking about how hard you guys all must be working!! I see all the questions everyone asks, and all the different routes being tried to find what works best….I see you being so so accomodating and available on social media to your business….your reps…and your customers….I think of all the messages you guys get asking for codes, opening and closing parties….you take our opinions and feedback and you implement the things you think are going to make things better and easier….you listen to us too….you are allowing us to be the face of your business all throughout Canada and I don’t take that lightly! It is a very trusting and hard thing to do to put something so important out there for complete strangers to advertise and sell! You have been so open and amazing with how we can advertise, and work our part of the business that it has helped me succeed! I am thankful and proud to be able to work for you! I am proud of the products and their quality, and I am proud that you are Canadian!! You can only keep growing from here!!! How cool is it gonna be if we…..your very first reps….grow with you…..when you become a HUGE company one day and we are still here!!!

    Thank you 💕

  • I can’t say enough good things about Christi and this company! I’ve only been a rep less than 2 weeks and it has been so rewarding and fun stepping out of my comfort zone and getting to try all of the beautiful jewelry! :)


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