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The Christmas Rush

December 07, 2018 2 min read 7 Comments

Wow.. I just can't believe how busy things have gotten in the last month. Before Nov 1st our best day was 230 orders, but normally we would get under 200. November 1st hit and it was like a switch was flicked and almost every day would be a new record, beating the previous day! I keep asking myself when did this become a real company and not just something that I did on the side??? It happened fast, but it was gradual enough that I didn't really notice until one day I looked around the room and realized I had 10 amazing ladies helping me make jewelry and ship out orders. 

For the last month, there hasn't been a day I have worked less than 12 hours, some days 14, and one day Sterling, my husband, actually slept at the office as there was just so much to do. But you know what's crazy about that? Neither of us has looked at a clock and thought about how long we have been here, don't get me wrong this is hard work, but being able to see a direct correlation between how much work you put in equals how much reward you get really makes a difference. 

We have a wedding coming up for one of our employees in March, which will take place in Mexico. So we want to make sure everyone knows their place and that we take the time to teach everyone all the things we do so that we can go away and actually have a vacation! It has been just over 2 years since we have taken a vacation and even then the last time we took one, we were both on our phones way more than we should have been... I am excited as I am really confident that these ladies will be able to step up to the challenge. I think the biggest issue will be letting ourselves let go, this business is our baby so it is tough, but this is necessary if we want to grow! 


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