Host a Facebook Party

Want to share Newborn Feathers with your friends, giving them all 25% off AND earning you free earrings? Just click the chat button at the bottom of the screen and let us know you want to do a party!

It's super easy
- I'll create a Facebook group and you invite all your friends.
- Everyone will get 25% off all my jewelry.
- I ship everything directly to them, you don't need to worry about anything.
- The party stays open for 4 days, so everyone has plenty of time to order.
- Then once the party is over, as long as any amount of sales, I'll give you a code for 2 pairs of my geode earrings as a thank you. Then once the party does over $100 in sales I will give you 5 pairs! :)
- If the party does over $200 in sales, you will get a bonus pair of earrings for every $100 in sales!